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Crimea, Ukraine

The city of Eupatoria(also known as Yevpatoriya) is a city with a population of approximately 110,000 and is located on the western shore of the Crimean peninsula. The history of the area, much like the vast portion of the Crimean shore, dates back to about 500 BC where the ancient Greek settlement named Kerkinitis was established.

Today, the city is a well known tourist stop famous for itís long sandy beaches and warm Black Sea waters which are a result of itís shallow bay. A busy tourist area and a perfect place for children to swim and have fun in the water.

The city is also known as a transportation hub, health resort (many health spas with special mud baths) and for itís fishing. Major industries include wine making, furniture manufacturing, weaving and the quarrying of limestone.

The city contains many locations of ancient Greek ruins dating back 2500 years. It has many restaurants and plenty of tourist attractions.

You will also enjoy the typical Crimean climate of mild dry winters and warm extended summers. If you prefer the sandy beaches as opposed to pebble beaches, then you will enjoy the long sandy beaches of this resort town.

Whether you come to just relax under the sun or visit the many historical places and monuments, Eupatoria will be a trip that will please both young and old alike.




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