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Underground Soviet Submarine Base

If you are interested in military history, your visit to Sevastopol would not be complete without a visit to the former underground Soviet submarine base Sub Base Entrance - Click to Enlarge located about twenty minutes from downtown Sevastopol in the ancient fishing town of Balaklava, on the Black Sea.

The submarine base was reportedly ordered built by Joseph Stalin shortly after World War II after he saw the destruction caused by American nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. Aerial view - Click to Enlarge The entire town was declared a top secret area. A wall was built around the area to completely close it off from the outside. Almost all of the inhabitants of the town worked at the base at one time or another. Forty-five thousand cubic meters of stone were excavated to create the giant Sub Base Dock - Click to Enlarge base which was situated some four hundred feet below ground. The base had the capacity to hold up to nine submarines. The channel is twenty six feet deep and covers an area of about four acres.

During a nuclear attack, the base could be completely closed off by bomb proof doors weighing one hundred tons and could remain self-sufficient and had enough supplies to maintain 3,000 people for thirty days. The base was equipped with its own water supply, generators and had kitchens, baths, housing for troops and even had its own hospital.

The base was still active during the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 but decommissioning began Sub Base Museum - Click to Enlarge in 1993 with the last submarine leaving the facility in 1996.

Today you may tour the facility and visit the vast underground base which now includes a museum.




Balaklava Satellite View

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